Volume 1-11 Bonus pages










11 thoughts on “Volume 1-11 Bonus pages

      1. my guess is either Harambe and the 2016 election, or australia wildfires and the whole Iran thing.

      2. The other two are from the alt universes of “Moons of Silver” and “Dawn of Dragons”

      3. The yveltal one is from a black and white comic with her as a crazy gang member or something, the Lugia one is from a comic where she’s the only one of her kind, and is on a quest to find out what she is, the ‘wolf’ one (she’s a linx) is from an origins story about her escape from the lab, and finally, the round eared one that looks like she’s from how to train your dragon, is from ‘dawn of dragons’ and ‘rise of dragons’ wher she falls through a portal, completely clueless about everything, and discovers dragons, and ………. gets turned into one

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