13 thoughts on “Volume 6

  1. Can you please stop reading this comic because every time you read it the more I get fucked

    I will not admit that I like it but Lugia if you can read this I will be waiting I the room.😏

  2. I love how green goes from “What Just Happened” to “when your older” when Yellow asks. Green is definitely one of my favorite characters.

  3. So a simple transfer of saliva is able to transfer DNA to the database, thus, would blood work? Would other bodily fluids that aren’t spit and cum work?

  4. That glitch that makes the page leap got even bigger
    At first it was 55 to 65 now it is 40shit to 90fuck
    Dafug is happening

  5. Now, out of all of Silvers forms, Giratina’s one is my favourite. Mainly because of the big boobs. I also like how her boobs change depending on which form she takes on. Amazing job with the series, love it.

  6. She understands azzillian because silver used psychic they they could understand them

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