69 thoughts on “Volume 10

  1. Why isn’t Shamrock, Azula, and Azzy in the thought bauble on page 4. Especially since Shamrock is way nicer then Meagan.

  2. when i first started this comic i thought it was just going to be a porn comic, this series is so much more than that. it is a story that is set in a premade world that introduces new elements into this preset world. this comic is amazing because it doesn’t censor itself. i love this comic and its characters, it is very well made and really entertaining. thank you for making this, i always love a good story.

  3. This is my opinion
    I really want the humans from earth to find a way to open a portal to the Pokémon dimension. I mean they seemed like a powerful force and from there point of view the property got away. Just saying it would be an interesting situation

  4. Please i read all of the Silver Soul comics please do more i need more don`t do the volume 11 the final i need mooooore please do more comics.

  5. Hey silver can you ship yellow and clover if your not already planning to also did anyone else finish vol.11

    1. Yes, there is a deus ex machina, but I believe there might be more.Like,
      Hoopa, Giratina in reunion, Shadow Lugia form, and that one time with mother lugia.

  6. went to read Vol11 when I realized that Shadow Silver’s form looked familiar, low and behold its the same as her Lugia form, and when I was watching some videos on Pokémon Colosseum I saw it, so then its been awhile but did Silver get the form when she saved Lugia’s mother and it attached itself to her, or did the thing hide till now after she got the Lugia form. hmm, besides that love the comic series, the lewd parts are just a juicey bonus’s for me, keep up the great work.

  7. if you go through and read them all for the dialogue and nothing else its actually a pretty good story just gonna say

    1. What do you mean “that thing” if you mean sex you probably shouldt be reading PORN comics like what did you expect

  8. Did anyone else see green being a lugia again in volume 8 but a few pages later and he was human again. Also does anyone else prefer everyone as a Pokémon instead of human

    1. Si bro eso sí me dejó pensando y ala ves sus hermanos también se convirtieron en humanos aunque me gustaba más su forma de lugia

    2. Eh it’s a thing they can change. It’s explained in one of the monthly patreon thingys.
      And I mean kind of? I personally think green looks better humanoid, but idk.

  9. Hell yeah! Although this is hentai comics, the plot is more important here. I can’t wait for 11 volume. Hold cockroaches, kindred.

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