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  1. insect: A small arthropod that has six legs and generally 1 or 2 pairs of wings, she has arms and even if you count them that is 4 legs not 6, she is not an insect, also she is not an arthropod because she has a spine

  2. certain insects dont have arms and also don’t go through rapid evolutions. then again perhaps this could be considered a metamorphosis

    1. are you calling every dragon that isnt a wyvern or a chinese dragon an insect because im pretty sure theyre reptiles.

      1. Based on smartness of dragons they are neither insect nor reptiles. But more like warm blooded by scaled creatures.

      2. i was looking through the comments and saw my own without realizing it and was like yeah true then i looked at who posted the comment

      3. @thatrandomdudethatknowstoomuch
        are you saying that we aren’t mammals because we are sentient

    1. I mean if they split it into two different ones like one 13+ and one 18 I guess that could work, and they could keep the general audience.

      1. What? No, the whole point of it was to be a porn comoc with story, that’s all

  3. When Niko comes and places one dick in silver she bleeds but when the second dick goes inside of her she does not bleed why is that.

    1. you do realize that if youre old enough to understand her hymen broke with the first but not the second because she lost her virginity

      1. bigger dicks should break her (literally) but she does having healing properties. which makes this inconsistent still.

      2. @no im pretty sure she has sex to much for her hymen to regenerate as for her healing ability maybe it just doesnt heal certain things or when things are removed they dont regenerate for example if she lost her arm it wouldnt regenerate just heal into a stump faster than a normal human. just a theory tho

  4. Silver make some cute scared faces xp, I think this could make a fun/cut kid friendly style comic, if you tossed in more story to replace the *ahem* 18+ scenes
    You could keep the “saliva + silver = new form” thing, but keep it as just kissing!
    And when yellow is …. created …… you could just do a “1 week later” kind of thing!
    I mean, you’d be better at figuring out the yellow part (and probably anything else), but just an idea

      1. Have you heard of kidz bop? It’s like that, but a comic. It’s this fun idea called “adaptation”

      2. I know, but all those need is the actual porn, while this could actually make a good, fun, laughable kids comic if it just got filtered a tad, they already cover up the dicks and stuff in some parts, they just have to keep with that

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