33 thoughts on “Rocket Origins: Family Matters

  1. wait a minute… fat dragonite and gally’s dad blew the ship up… and the twin’s parents were on board… that means he probably already fathered azzi… which also means dragonite basically helped kill his son’s trainer? this story must have something to do with the main series…

  2. do correct me if im wrong. so, gallys dad was a team rocket member, and he was responsible for the twins AND shira’s parents’ deaths, on the same boat. AND, azzi’s dad the gas mask dragonite was also gally’s dad’s pokemon?

  3. This is AMAZING *anime sparkle eyes*, and i feel sorry for Meagan, gally, meagans brother(I like him more than Meagan but I can never remember his name) and shira, also when gallys (dad?) says WHAT HAVE I DONE I think it’s kind of funny

  4. Nice reference to Hisoka with Joltik there.
    “My bungee gum has the properties of both rubber and gum”

  5. aaa. Please translate it, i speak english but no like that 😭, aaa, This comics is beautiful 😎

  6. Azzi’s father is a bad boi
    why you so evil you fat fuck bloated body ass bitch
    obese dragon dumbass motherfucker balla stupid
    ass bitch

  7. Gally’s dad/jerk dad of azzi killed shira’s parents megan/sergan/Azzi’s old trainer. I think that’s correct?

      1. let me list the evidence of this theory’s accuracy: its right. shira at the time of the ships explosion, was watching the news of the explosion, and his butler told her to shut off the tv, and go to bed, he was on the phone, and seemed very distressed. sergen asked when was their parents coming back from the big boat, and in the twins origins, in the panel with them grieving for their parents, the twins looked the same age as in this comic.
        and, the dragonite could talk, he was wearing a mask too, and, he also talked in shakespear, and he said: “thou(you) will not be seeing me again anytime soon” who knows what he’s been up to.
        there. whats your reason?

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