26 thoughts on “Rocket Origins: Family Matters

  1. This is AMAZING *anime sparkle eyes*, and i feel sorry for Meagan, gally, meagans brother(I like him more than Meagan but I can never remember his name) and shira, also when gallys (dad?) says WHAT HAVE I DONE I think it’s kind of funny

  2. Nice reference to Hisoka with Joltik there.
    “My bungee gum has the properties of both rubber and gum”

  3. aaa. Please translate it, i speak english but no like that 😭, aaa, This comics is beautiful 😎

  4. Azzi’s father is a bad boi
    why you so evil you fat fuck bloated body ass bitch
    obese dragon dumbass motherfucker balla stupid
    ass bitch

  5. Gally’s dad/jerk dad of azzi killed shira’s parents megan/sergan/Azzi’s old trainer. I think that’s correct?

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