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18 thoughts on “If you have the time…

  1. Aside from the “hot” part, the story is very good, but i have a theory that could create a connection between the main story and “moon of silver” : maybe both the silvers were an experiment of a human interstellar association researching on clones and theyr relationship with eachother. This association created the two silvers for this purpose, but the xenobiology section of the same organization attacked the station where the experiment was proceeding and managed to kidnap the original silver, that lead us to the main story.
    The other managed to escape while the station’s main reactor was collapsing and to generate the alt. universe events.
    After a few years with her new “friends” the second silver was sold as a slave on a cargo named “yadraal” as a payment for a debt, just to be saved after 6 days from capitan Deleda of the starship IUS Challenger, from the intergalattic union.
    When saved, Silver decided to join the intergalattic fleet and became a very different person from the original one, she took the surname “ydrail”, to remember her possible future that never happened (Ydrail is a distorption of the name Yadraal), and studyed to become a great officer.
    After only 4 years she was assigned to the IUS Slayer as the tactical officer and promoted to commander.
    After her capitan’s death during a space fight she was promoted to capitan and, after only 6 years, to commodore with the assignment of managing all the starfleet operations in the Feralia sector, the sector of the planet the original silver landed on (Feralia i suppose), only 3 years after the original story’s ending, and the rest is unpredictable.

  2. I think it is great i really like the sex parts but I think you should add a crossover from breath of the wild to it would be great to see it

  3. Why does silver have to start in a lab then go through hopas portal
    I mean really I would be a lizard but I don’t know how hopa knew she’d go that way ?

    🤔 can’t wait for another book 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    1. Hoopa was told where to put her portal by Celebi, the time-travel(ing onion) pokemon

    1. Nah, you probably want it in a weird way.
      If not, then oh well. But saying that only makes you weirder.

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