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  1. Something I wanted to say to anyone who says there should be a not 18+ version of these comics: I don’t think it even is possible, and if it is, it’ll be very hard, and I very much doubt they will. To many important details rely on something 18+, so there really isn’t a way for there to be a not 18+ version of these comics.

    1. The entire storyline of these comics is lewd. I don’t think it’s fair to expect the authors to write a whole new comic, 12 volumes plus all the extra content, even if the storylines are roughly similar.

      Let me remind you, silver has had sex with literally every character, and that has had significant impact on the plot.

      1. I agree, some examples are getting (most) of the forms, Serves and Megan (very much), Shamrock’s backstory. And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. These events will be nearly, if not impossible, to redo the comics and have these things still be similar for the story.

      2. About my other comment, I meant Sergen. My tablet autocorrects words it doesn’t recognize.

  2. I don’t have money but I have an interesting concept… hypno. And that’s it. Thank you folks I’ll be here all night

  3. P part of me by asking what are you trying to make Pokemon a joke on a dog joke because you should probably think about making it making an appropriate version of this comic series

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