14 thoughts on “How to make friends.

  1. I really love your comics, its so much fun to read, I think in the recent chapter of the main soul silver arc we (me) are missing lot of the “bonding” part. So I thought of a situation, everybody around the world are quarantined so I thought like the whole gang of silver is stuck in their house due to someone ( most probably azula or azzi) have “accidentally” turned on the security measures of the house. So the house is in total lockdown for like 24 or 48 hrs. So…….. To pass the time they do some “family time”. Like azula and Megan take blue ,green, red to another room cause you they have eventually reached puberty so puberty issues and the others have fun with silver cause you NO INCEST . yellow and lil treecko ( I forgot her name) are sleeping peacefully while others have some” adult fun”. This can be bonus story or silver to cool down after her trauma ….. Hope u really do this ( I don’t have money to give you in patreon but I thank you for my bottom of my heart for these wonderful comics😊 (what am I saying 😅 )……….

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