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  1. I really love your comics, its so much fun to read, I think in the recent chapter of the main soul silver arc we (me) are missing lot of the “bonding” part. So I thought of a situation, everybody around the world are quarantined so I thought like the whole gang of silver is stuck in their house due to someone ( most probably azula or azzi) have “accidentally” turned on the security measures of the house. So the house is in total lockdown for like 24 or 48 hrs. So…….. To pass the time they do some “family time”. Like azula and Megan take blue ,green, red to another room cause you they have eventually reached puberty so puberty issues and the others have fun with silver cause you NO INCEST . yellow and lil treecko ( I forgot her name) are sleeping peacefully while others have some” adult fun”. This can be bonus story or silver to cool down after her trauma ….. Hope u really do this ( I don’t have money to give you in patreon but I thank you for my bottom of my heart for these wonderful comics😊 (what am I saying 😅 )……….

    1. This idea could go far I think it would be pretty cool as well for this to be a part of maybe 13 or 14 because I think matemi already has plans on 12 so this will probably be later on, amazing idea tho and keep up the great work matemi!

      1. Lucas and Ryan yo you guys giving some bright ideas and are killing it, is there any for silver and co to see it 😅

      1. To start out theses are my opinions and you don’t have to agree with them and I apologize if at any point I sound like I’m forcing them down your throat.

        Honestly I really would not like if that happened. as someone who came for porn and stuck around for the story, I really like the fact that they haven’t shown any of the kids get hormonal. I feel like if they went down that path it would make what silver dose and fights for in volume 11 less meaningful. In chapter 11 when she is in the mental battle with crazy demon lady, the only thing that brought her back was yellow crying and that that her dark side was threatening yellow and green. Let’s say a similar situation happens down the road but in stead it’s all of the kids trying to get her back in like a final battle. I feel like it would hurt the sorry conclusion if it goes down this theoretical path. If they do go down the path of the kids hitting puberty then I would personally do it more tastefully. We already have enough characters who are constantly horney. I would introduce a love interest for green (Who is the most mature in my opinion)and have them build up a relationship and then when it comes to it, they imply what’s going to happen but not show it. (Maybe with a kiss and then switch to another scene)And it would show that silver prevented what she didn’t want to happen in vol 4. She didn’t want her kids to learn from there father when it came to not forcing sex on someone else. A natural evolving relationship would show this. I don’t know how they would set this up because I feel like this love interest would be a human but who knows what silver comics wants to do. Honestly I love this series, my only problem is random sex that happens once in a while. When the plot is going and it switches to silvers sex crazed friends going at it, it kind of ruins it for me. Like don’t get me wrong I don’t have a problem with sex for the most part in this comic. Like when it’s not a block in the story. The biggest example I could think of is what we have for volume 13 right now it starts off strong with silver but it then switches to a sex scene. I mean I would mind this if it was in one of the really good bonus story’s like azz’s story which is really good. (or at the very least not at the vary start of the story).I know this is primarily a porn comic but the story here has so much potential and over the last few days I have become a major fan. The day that I have the money to support them on Patreon I will but until then I’ll keep reading these story’s until they move on.
        Sorry that this comment is really long just really passionate about this comic series.

        Keep up the good work Silver Comics and Co

      2. Ryan you make some great points as well as the story we have to tell silver and co to do this. I couldn’t possibly pay them but when I get the money I going to give them 😅. They can do this for the fans at least..

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