13 thoughts on “Candle in the dark

  1. … well then, I see that you can write a good story as well as a porn comic. That was a suprise. This was amazing, by the way.

  2. Nooo 😭, ¿pls its a form to change this?, ¿in the future comic?, ¿like a portal that can transportate they to past and go with all to the actuality? That can be a GREAT end.

  3. this comic speaks of love and loss and the importance of not letting life pass you by. my heart broke when he said maybe he’d write to her because she was dead. my matemi did an amazing job with this comic and didn’t I’m still crying

  4. I was some teen lokking for porn when i saw this, my whole life changed, i got from fap to porn to seeing this and crying

  5. i feel so bad for him when he learned the truth that she as dead i almost cried alot πŸ˜­πŸ’”
    i feel sad reading this after everything else so far

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